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Victor Sinclair

Owner at Victor Sinclair Consulting

June 7, 2017, Victor worked with Renée but at different companies

Public Relations and Communications are often overused terms when it comes to a person's bio because few people have all the key elements the way Renee does. Word-smithing is an art and when you evolve it into good storytelling with an eye toward building a communications strategy you have a very important combination that can take you or your company to the next level. If you're a business in transition or you simply want to grow your business, talk to Renee. She'll do the rest.


Dave Patterson

Manager in Training at Farm Boy Canada

October 3, 2016, Renée was a client of Dave’s

Communications and PR Pro! I recently had the insightful collaborative partnership with Renee" Cormier. Because of this gained insight and perspective is why I write this recommendation. Originally I thought Renee would help crystal an idea through her passion and experience for communication. However as the meeting unfolded it was apparent that Renee's skill set FAR extended that of a communications expert. Renee's skill set toolkit is as diverse as her experience. I believe the reason Renee' excels as a brand elevating communication specialist is that she truly understands the necessary concentric relationships between sales, marketing, e-com, communications (social as well) , people development and operations. Whether you attend one of Renee's workshops, hire her as a collaborative partner or read her book you will not be disappointed. Thank you Renee' for your guidance and perspective. 

Murray Geddes

Board Advisory Services, Executive Search, Corporate Culture Alignment

August 3, 2016, Murray was senior to Renée but didn’t manage directly

Renee has helped Ability Online (an online charity for kids and youths with disabilities) develop effective communications plans and social media campaigns. As Chair, I greatly enjoyed working with Renee and admired her passion for her work. She has a talent for communications and always paid attention to those subtle details that could mean so much to the "message". Thanks Renee.

Norm Nopper, MA

Author & Speaker at From Innovation to Invoice

January 20, 2012, Norm worked with Renée but at different companies

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Renee on several projects over the last few years. She is a multi – faceted professional with skills in a variety of areas, including marketing, sales, and business development. But her main focus and passion is People Development. Renee shines most when she is helping people to meet challenges and solve problems. I have turned to her often for business advice, because I find her clear minded, pragmatic, and encouraging. I highly recommend Renee to any organization that is looking for a Training Professional who will act as a business partner contributing bottom line solutions.


Senior HR Advisor | Consultant

January 16, 2009, Jackie was a client of Renée’s

Renee has a good understanding of the broader business picture and relates this well when presenting concepts and knowledge to a diverse group. She is knowledgable about her subject and presents in a manner that is accepted comfortably by participants.

Charlotte Richmond

Business Development Manager

October 14, 2008, Charlotte was a client of Renée’s

I had the pleasure of attending a number of Renee's workshop seminars through her company Powerhouse Conferences.
I found the workshops to be extremely beneficial, innovative and most of all fun.
Renee has that rare capacity to completely engage her audience which is driven by an undeniable desire to help people become the very best that they can be.

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