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Marketing Consultant and Business Coach

Are you ready to grow your business?


We can do it remotely!

There are many things businesses are doing well but few have fully examined how they can make the greatest impact on their bottom line. When you want to grow, clarity is your friend. Renée works with companies to determine exactly what is working the best for them and shows them how to uncover the path of least resistance to making more money without adding stress, complexity and overwhelm to the equation. 

Every business needs a strong marketing foundation.

I specialize in working with small businesses and start-ups to establish a strong foundation so your offer is clearly understood and speaks to the dire needs of your ideal customer.

Apply now to have a free marketing evaluation. 

This is How You Uncover the One


Marketing Tactic That Will Allow You to Scale Your Business.


Take the stress and overwhelm out of your marketing processes and get better results!


Let’s dig deep and review:


  • Your business description

  • Web copy

  • Sales presentations

  • Sell sheets and product info

  • Social media content and strategy

  • Email campaigns

  • Website and search engine optimization

  • Advertising

  • Print material

  • Lead generation events

  • Data

Stop wasting valuable resources on things that don't work!

Meet Renée Cormier

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Are you ready to grow your business?
I am passionate about helping business owners get the most out of their marketing. Nothing upsets me more than marketing consultants and service providers who take advantage of business owners by not giving them what they paid for. Undelivered SEO services and unexecuted marketing plans with no substance are things I come across very frequently. I thrive on empowering small business owners to understand and get results from their marketing so they can scale without stress or overwhelm.

So much to offer!

Renée Cormier is a certified marketing coach, consultant and facilitator on a mission to show business owners how to easily get the most out of their marketing efforts and where to find money in their businesses. Renée will help you gain clarity about where your efforts should be placed and work with you to increase your profitability. She will also conduct a thorough marketing audit for you, show you how to refine your messages, and help you uncover the most effective marketing tactics for your business.


Contact Renée if you want to achieve growth in your business. Renée shares her business expertise through a variety of training and coaching programs that create unsurpassed value for her clientele. 

Renée is a published author with expertise in public relations, marketing communications, adult education, sales, leadership, and employee engagement. Renée is able to leverage her varied experience to support her clients in multiple ways. There is nothing like being able to see clearly through multiple lenses. 

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