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More often than not, there are many things businesses are doing well but have not had the time to really examine where they can make the greatest impact to their bottom line. When you want to grow, clarity is your friend. Renée works with companies to determine exactly what is working the best for them and shows them how to uncover the path of least resistance to making more money without adding stress, complexity and overwhelm to the equation. 

There is always one big thing that will transform your business, and finding it is the key to your success.

This process isn't for everyone, but if you'd like to find out if this could work for you, we can start the application process. Once you click on the button below, we will send you a link to answer a few key questions. If we think you are a good fit, then, Renée will phone you and confirm that this is a good fit for you.Then we'll book an appointment for you to get started. 

This is How You Uncover the One


Marketing Tactic That Will Allow You to Scale Your Business.


Take the stress and overwhelm out of your marketing processes and get better results!


Let’s dig deep and review:


  • Your business description

  • Web copy

  • Social media content and strategy

  • Email campaigns

  • Website and search engine optimization

  • Advertising

  • Print material

  • Lead generation events

  • Data

Stop wasting valuable resources on things that don't work!


Ask About Freelance Services

Let us manage things you have no time for!

  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation

  • SEO, SEM, Marketing Analytics

  • Copywriting and Editing for web and print

  • Ghost Writing

  • Content Marketing/ Content Development

  • Website Development and Maintenance

  • Social Media Management

  • Internal and External Communications 

  • Integrated Marketing Communications Planning and Implementation

  • Strategic Communications Planning and Implementation

  • Crisis Management

  • Media Relations 

  • Media Releases 

  • Media Events, Event Management

  • Media Training

Meet Renée Cormier

Certified Coach & Facilitator, Marketing Consultant, Public Relations Professional, Business Junkie, Master of Simplicity and Trusted Advisor. 

So much to offer!

Renée Cormier is a public relations and communications specialist, certified coach and facilitator on a mission to show business owners how to stop wasting valuable resources and get the most out of their marketing. She will conduct a thorough marketing audit for you, show you how to refine your messages, and help you uncover the most effective marketing tactics for your business.

As a coach, Renée uses several methods to help you achieve the lifestyle you want. Mindset is everything. Let Renée show you how to change the way you look at things, do things differently and get better results!

Renée is a published author with expertise in public relations, marketing communications, adult education, sales, leadership, and employee engagement. Renée is able to leverage her varied experience to support her clients in multiple ways. There is nothing like being able to see clearly through multiple lenses. 

Contact Renée if you want to achieve growth in your business. Renée happily shares her business expertise through a variety of training and coaching programs that create unsurpassed value for her clientele. 

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