Is Workplace Stress killing your business?

Stress costs businesses $300 billion per year in lost productivity.

 How much money is your company losing?

Give your employees the skills to reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm and get RESULTS!

Stressed Woman

Renée has developed and refined a COMPREHENSIVE STRESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM to support workplace productivity, reduce turnover, reduce absenteeism and increase profits. She uses her expertise in employee engagement, corporate communications, success coaching and mental techniques to accomplish this. This is a customized program that allows you to impact employee wellness in multiple ways.

This is much more complex than a workshop or feel good session, and is

easily implemented through my unique program.

Here are some not so fun facts about workplace stress. 

  • 83% of employees report they are stressed out at work.

  • 60% of employees feel burned out by their employer.

  • 63% of employees want to quit their jobs because of stress.

  • 70% of employees feel workplace stress negatively affects their mental health.

  • 58% of those have strongly considered suicide.

  • Only 25% of people actually quit their jobs because of stress, which means most of those who remain are on the verge of falling apart.