Keynote & Workshop Subjects


Renée Cormier uses her expertise and wisdom to show people how to live a better life from every angle. All subjects can be adapted to suit your needs. Whether you need a short keynote speech, a webinar or half day interactive workshop, Renée will accommodate your requests to her greatest ability. All sessions are delivered in a lively and engaging fashion. Customized sessions  are also available.

Wellness Programs

Stop Feeding Anxiety! 

A case for managing your emotions through diet, exercise, meditation and paradigm shifts. Renée uses a pragmatic approach to show people how to maintain habits that ensure mental wellness.

Change The Talk in Your Head

Practical strategies for rewiring your thinking to raise your self esteem, adopt better habits, improve communication and live the fulfilling life you were always meant to live. 

The Truth About Stress

Stress is toxic to our bodies and undermines our happiness. Renée shows you how to think differently about your life and teaches you techniques for finding joy even through the toughest times.

The Gift of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself, but it is often easier said than done. Renée teaches your how to let go of even the most negative experiences and move your mindset from being a victim to being victorious.

Getting Along and Staying Happy

Getting along with bullies, narcissists and jerks doesn't mean having to give up who you are or what you want. Learn practical techniques for effective, peaceful communication. Learn how to not get sucked into drama and how to recognize the opportunity for civilized communication.

Building Resilience

One of the best skills you can have in life is the ability to recover from personal setbacks. How do you move forward after job loss, illness, grief, divorce or other trauma? It is possible and Renée will show you how.

Directing Your Future with Inner Peace

Your inner guidance system is what allows you to go forward with no regrets. We all have the ability to tune into it, but most people simply don't know how, or even how to recognize when they are out of sync with it. Renée presents and eye opening look at the role of your intuition and shows you how to make sure every decision you make is a good one.

Leveraging Personal Enlightenment Through Chaos & Trauma

This session lets you explore the value of personal enlightenment in helping you deal with a wide range of challenges. You will learn how to achieve personal enlightenment, raise your level of personal awareness and understand the relationship between your inner dialogue and your outer world.

Business Programs

CEO Growth Strategy Group

This is an elite program for business owners with over $1 million in revenue who want to scale their businesses without becoming overwhelmed and  burdened by stress. This program requires an application process and all participants must be approved.


Digital Marketing Savvy

Have you ever been told that your website was optimized for search? Would you know how to check? Do you know how long it takes to create a tweet and how many you need to post to get noticed? Many business owners are intimidated by digital marketing and fall prey to people who promise value and deliver none. Renée uses her public relations and communications background to empower small business owners with the knowledge required to market their businesses and to recognize when they are paying for a service they are not actually getting. In this session, she will teach you some basic techniques for creating quality marketing content, demystify terms like SEO and SEM, and  show you how to easily optimize your digital marketing.

Building Your Personal and Professional Brand

Learn how to become known for what you do so that more business opportunities flow toward you. Renée will show you how to maximize social media, save time creating multiple forms of content and get noticed as a subject matter expert.

Mastering the Art of Business Transition

Learn how to elevate your public reputation, increase cash flow and engage employees through times of transition. Whether you are a start-up, a newly purchased business, a merged company or hoping to sell your company for a tidy sum, there are things you'll need to have in order. This session will provide you with highly valuable insights to make your transition go smoothly.

Leading from Within

Effective leadership is about more than delegating tasks and creating accountability. Learn how your relationship with your inner self affects the way you work and the way people respond to you. Renée shows you how to use personal mastery techniques  to create consistent positive business results and increase  employee engagement levels  without having to sacrifice your well being.

Workshop Series: Social Media Marketing for New Business Owners

This six part series can be facilitated for both groups and individuals as either a live, in person session or a web based session. All small business people should be empowered to either run their own marketing or to at least understand how marketing communications is conducted. Everything you learn in this course will keep you from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous marketers. What's more, you'll be able to drive your marketing like a pro!

Lesson One: Understanding Your Business & Developing Your Content Strategy

Lesson Two: Content Development

Lesson Three: Creating Effective SEO Content

Lesson Four: Choosing and Setting up Your Social Media Sites

Lesson Five: Quick and Easy Social Media Management

Lesson Six: Building Your Content Calendar and Setting Goals

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