This is How You Uncover The One


Marketing Tactic That Will Scale Your Business!

There's only one way to find out which of your marketing efforts can be tweaked to really pay off. 

A marketing audit will ensure you are not spending time and money on things that don’t work!


Here are some of the things we'll look at:

Key Messages: What you do, how you describe your services/products. Check your copy to see that messaging is impactful, consistent, clear and prompts a sale or some other important action. 

SEO: Make sure all of your web copy is optimized for search. 

Social Media: Have a look at what feeds you are working with, the messaging and quality of content. Determine which feeds are best for your business, and see what we need to do to grow your following.

Content Development: Ensure your process for developing marketing content is streamlined and the content itself is diverse.

Email Marketing: How you are building your list, the effectiveness of your messages, frequency, etc.

Website: Clarity, consistency, impact and SEO.

Paid and Unpaid Advertising: Check the copy to make sure advertising is consistent with your overall messaging. Strategies around digital advertising and traditional methods.

Print Collateral: Make sure your print material is clear and impactful.

Events: Look at your strategies for attracting business through events you attend (both online and in person).

Conversion Rates: Review of your stats. Nothing speaks the truth like numbers.


Take the stress and overwhelm out of your marketing processes and get better results!