The Direct Cost of Workplace Stress on Canadian Companies is $3,550 per Employee. 

 How much money is your company losing?

Give your employees the skills to reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm and get RESULTS!

I have developed and refined a COMPREHENSIVE STRESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM to support workplace productivity, reduce turnover, reduce absenteeism and increase profits. I use my expertise in employee engagement, corporate communications, success coaching and mental techniques to accomplish this. This is a customized program that allows you to impact employee wellness in multiple ways.

This is much more complex than a workshop or feel good session, and is

easily implemented through my unique program.

Here are some not so fun facts about workplace stress. 

  • 83% of employees report they are stressed out at work.

  • 60% of employees feel burned out by their employer.

  • 63% of employees want to quit their jobs because of stress.

  • 70% of employees feel workplace stress negatively affects their mental health.

  • 58% of those have strongly considered suicide.

  • Only 25% of people actually quit their jobs because of stress, which means most of those who remain are on the verge of falling apart.

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