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 Create and launch your unique coaching program with just six weekly sessions!

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Did you know that most coaches don't have a program they can monetize and scale for growth?


Selling fluffy one-on-one feel good sessions will never make you any money and limits the impact you can have on people's lives and businesses. 


As a coach, it is crucial that you create a compelling program for your ideal customer that can be monetized and scaled for maximum profit. 

You also need an actionable plan that will literally guide you to execute tactics that bring you revenue.

I can help you with all of that.

Throughout the course of my career, I've created, sold and delivered a multitude of training and coaching programs that were unique, engaging and profitable.

Let me show you exactly how to create your own compelling coaching program that will set you apart from other coaches and trainers in your market.


Imagine having a full client schedule and continuous positive cashflow. How exciting would that be?


I'm offering a limited number of coaches the opportunity to work with me to create and launch a saleable and scalable program that:

  • Brings you revenue.

  • Makes you stand out amongst competitors.

This program promises to be a game changer for those who attend.


Now you can finally create and launch a compelling, saleable and scalable coaching program that is uniquely yours!



Get two private micro-sessions with Renée Cormier

Access free tools and resources.

Access session recordings.

Weekly sessions of up to 90 minutes.

Start Date: Oct 27, 2023.

End Date: Dec 8, 2023.

Cost of Group Sessions: $997     Now $397 


Double Guarantee!

Money Back Guarantee

If you follow the program as instructed and still don't find the sessions useful, just ask for a full refund within 15 days of starting the program. 

Additional Guarantee
If you finsish the program, and have done all the work required and feel like you haven't gotten your money's worth, just let me know and I will continue to work with you until your program is completed to your satisfaction.

Sign up now to transform your coaching business!




If you need help with registration or have any questions, feel free to contact us. We'll get back to you ASAP.
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